Episode 14: Needing and Accepting Help with Your Writing

In this episode

In writing and in life:

  • We all need help.

  • Asking for help is hard, but knowing what you need is harder.

In writing:

  • Everyone who wants to write a book is a reader.

  • Everyone who wants to write a book also writes a lot in daily life.

  • But no one is taught how to actually write a book in school.

  • Even though writers are avid readers, our brains are wired to get immersed in story such that you aren’t paying attention to the technicalities of how it’s done. So we need help.

  • As proof that all writers get help, just check the acknowledgments page of any book!

If I ask you to think about something, you can decide not to. But if I make you feel something? Now I have your attention.
— Lisa Cron, Wired for Story

Recommended Reading: 

Also, speaking of acknowledgments, check out this article from NPR titled #ThanksForTyping Spotlights Unnamed Women In Literary Acknowledgments. It's also a pretty cool hashtag to follow on Twitter! 

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