BONUS Laura Franzini, Matchmaker: How Writers and Coaches Get Paired

Managing Editor for Author Accelerator, Laura Franzini, joins Abby & Mel on Mom Writes to give us the lowdown on the human-centered process of pairing writers and coaches.


  • Get to know Laura as she talks about her time at the Boston Globe, the LA Times, and how she was part of the Pulitzer Prize-winning team that covered the San Bernadito shootings. 
  • Listen as she talks about how she "reads" the needs of writers, picking up on subtle clues in their applications for Author Accelerator.
  • Her process of elimination to narrow down which coaches would be a good fit for each writer
  • Abby and Mel talk about how spouses sometimes make the worse CPs!
  • Coaches also read a writer's application before the final pairing.
This relationship is holistic. It’s not just about the writing. It’s about two people having a connection, being supportive.
— Laura Franzini
  • Click to tweet: @@The writer-coach relationship is holistic, about more than writing. It's about connection.@@ 
  • Aligning on a writing level is the top priority, but Laura also shoots to make non-writing connections and bonds between writer and coach. 
I’m the number 1 fan of everyone’s story... they just don’t know it!
— Laura Franzini
  • Laura reminds us that some coaches have a near-invisible online presence. And others market their online presence to readers, not other writers. The writer-reader persona may be different than the writer-coach persona, and oftentimes coaches prefer to edit in a genre outside of their own. 

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