Episode 28: New Year, New You

Let's face it. Resolutions suck. 

But with a new year (and both of our birthdays smacking us in the face), sometimes you can't help but think about the things you want to change. If there's one thing I've needed to change for years, it's this: WE HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF! If my children touched it, I've saved it. If it's broken but I think it's fixable, I've saved it. If I can remember who gave it to me or how much I paid for it, I've saved it. I mean, why fill the landfills when I can fill my basement?! The result is 20 years of accumulation that makes cleaning inefficient. And I'd rather write, than clean. So let's make every minute spent scrubbing count!

(As a side note, I found some real gems in my purge. Poor Mel keeps fielding text messages with pictures of the weird stuff I've come across-- most notably the text about finding a ziplock baggie of dead spiders... um, WHY?)

Unlike me, Melanie is a total purger (married to a non-purger, like me), so she can offer some encouragement and sympathy. Mel confesses that she needs to clear the mental real estate to write by fighting the siren song of the internet. Social media, political news, viral YouTube videos-- it's an echo chamber. And fortunately, I have some advice. Be purposeful and keep scrolling!   

At one point we reference my girl's brief foray into becoming You Tubers, so I'll post their cuteness here for your enjoyment! They wanted to make videos to show other kids how to pack their own lunches. Lori Richmond, this one's for you... if only the magic had lasted.  

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