Episode 29: Give It All Away

Today's episode is super long but super good. Some conversations are hard to for me to press the pause button on, and this was one of them. Melanie and Jennie go over Mel's first and last scenes of her novel, which then sparks a conversation on how writers hate to tell people their ideas for fear that someone will steal them. 

In This Episode:

  • Mel confesses to struggling with "the burden of what she's already written," and Jennie reminds her that sometimes throwing things away is progress. 
  • Melanie shares her KILLER FIRST LINE!  (It's sooooooo good!)
  • You need to nail your genre in the first scene, and the key to doing this subtly is world-building!
  • Jennie goes over the technical aspects of accepting and rejecting editorial comments, and how to decide when to move forward with your writing and when to revise as you go. 
  • Story is about choice, change, and a character's trajectory along the path of change. Looking at the 1st and last scenes can help you to see more clearly the change that must take place over the course of your book. 
  • Jennie uses her favorite word: WHY.
  • Even if you give it all away (the plot, your idea, etc...) people will still buy/read your book. A book gives you chronology, a linear narrative. 
  • Jennie beats the mindset of "I can's share my idea, someone will steal it" out of Mel's head! (And confesses to working with another author writing a similar story!)
  • How do you get over ^ mindset? 
  1. Finish your frickin' book. (That's a Jennie Nash direct quote.)
  2. Realize it's not the idea that's valuable, it's the execution. Just write the best book that you can. 
  3. Control what you can control and don't worry about the rest. (Hint, the parts you can control are #1 and #2 on this list.)
I so admire the gusto you give to your work. I hope you can sometimes feel and take in the happy effect you have on the world.
— A lovely email to Jennie from a blog reader

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